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The right choice for financial modelling
Ageas Protect: "We chose Mo.net because it gave us exceptional power, versatility and speed in an easy to use package that was straightforward to implement and provided excellent value for money." [Read more >>]
AEGON UK: "OAC delivered high-quality models that give us exactly what we want. Working with OAC, we have been able to implement highly sophisticated capital management tools within Mo.net with a minimum of effort" [Read more >>]
Corporate Modelling: "Mo.net provides a scalable and cost effective solution for even the most complex requirements in the ever increasing regulatory world." [Read more >>]
Mazars: "We are delighted with Mo.net which has provided us with the ideal solution to our financial modelling needs. It is easy to learn, quick to implement, powerful and very cost effective." [Read more >>]
Quantum Leben: "Mo.net is a powerful and easy to use actuarial software tool backed up by excellent service. We were able to implement sophisticated actuarial modelling tools in a short time due to Mo.net's flexible development platform." [Read more >>]
Just Retirement: "We have found Mo.net to be powerful and flexible, enabling us to model the complexities of a full 'Solvency II'-type calculation, which is undoubtedly a difficult modelling challenge." [Read more >>]
Open Joint-Stock Company "Insurance company AHML": "We chose Mo.net because it gives us the ability to implement actuarial models for our very specific products." [Read more >>]
National Friendly: "We are extremely pleased we chose OAC and Mo.net." [Read more >>]
CIG Pannonia Life Insurance: "We are very satisfied with your software and we think we made the perfect choice with Mo.net when we were looking for actuarial software." [Read more >>]
PricewaterhouseCoopers: "We asked insurers to provide an overall rating on how closely their software use meets their requirements. Mo.net scored well with a significantly higher rating than the other packages..." [Read more >>]
Groupe Mutuel Vie: "We use Mo.net for Swiss Solvency II Test and for budgeting and forecasting statutory accounts. We are very satisfied with Mo.net and we especially appreciate its straightforwardness and transparency." [Read more >>]
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Case Study: ExactVAL

"Due to its accuracy, speed and granularity, Mo.net has given ExactVAL the confidence to quote a fixed price for its pension valuation service because small changes to the financial models can be effected with minimal effort and time."

ExactVAL is a specialist provider of outsourced pension valuation services for insurance companies and consultancies. Its services extend to providing training on valuation methods and liability calculations, as well as conducting audits on the efficiency of in-house valuation processes and procedures. Mo.net has enabled ExactVAL to double in size and grow its presence as a significant participant in the insurance buy-out market in the United Kingdom.

Three years ago, ExactVAL completed its own analysis of available valuation systems, comparing their respective functionality to its favoured system. Having reviewed eight calculation tools, ExactVAL saw the enhanced potential of Mo.net, which had the capacity to prepare monthly cash flow projections based on a variety of assumptions. It provided the degree of precision needed to calculate an accurate pension transfer value which became a critical factor as smaller companies sought to manage their future financial risk and transfer the liability of defined pension benefit schemes to insurers.

According to Bill Harris, ExactVAL’s managing director, “Mo.net had a unique versatility which allowed it to deal with the inevitable complexities of a pension scheme and to build-in unusual probability calculations.” Such an advantage meant that ExactVAL was able to tailor financial models to meet its business needs - a feature other tools on the market could only accommodate by changing prescribed parameters. As a result, the company developed a competitive edge when quoting for insurance work and a reputation for a cost-effective service at a sensible price.

Due to its accuracy, speed and granularity, Mo.net has given ExactVAL the confidence to quote a fixed price for its pension valuation service because small changes to the financial models can be effected with minimal effort and time. Those modifications may take into account different factors in calculating maximum lump sum entitlements or determine when an insurance company should change its mortality probability factor for an individual scheme member.

ExactVAL found that Mo.net was relatively easy to learn and use, and the company rapidly became self-sufficient in generating its own financial models. Rather than having to rely upon OAC, ExactVAL can complete any model adjustments itself. “If we think we can make the necessary changes to the code, we will,” adds Bill, “but OAC is equally responsive to our needs and we have the option to develop the model together. For instance, when we had to find a quick solution to define and link 80 separate mortality tables, we called on OAC’s specialists to help us define the most effective approach.”

Given the ease with which the model can compute specific pension rules, ExactVAL’s clients have grown to trust the firm to provide, on demand, an accurate, independent second opinion on pension valuations. “Having the functionality to input monthly assumptions, such as interest rates and inflation curves, has given us an extra string to our bow - flexibility.”

According to ExactVAL, Mo.net’s full potential has yet to be realised. The firm is only scratching the surface of the system’s capability, meaning that Mo.net can easily scale and support ExactVAL’s future requirements, and those of its customers, as the business continues to grow.

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